Ciara McMurtrie, Sales Associate, REALTOR®

Primary Office: Monkton

Meet Ciara McMurtrie, an expert REALTOR® who specializes in helping people buy, sell, and evaluate equestrian properties in Baltimore, Harford, and Carroll counties.

Ciara spent much of her early childhood living with her family on U.S. Army bases in England, Italy, and Germany. Some of her favorite memories from that time include learning how to ride horses on the beaches of Italy and visiting old ruins and castles throughout Europe.

After her grandfather retired from the U.S. Army’s Judicial Advocate General (JAG) Corps, Ciara and her family moved back to the United States. Then, in college, Ciara continued to nurture her love of design by studying architecture, drafting, and interior design.

But her love of horses kept drawing her back…

So, after wrapping up her studies, Ciara started working as an Assistant Horse Trainer and Exercise Rider at race courses up and down the East Coast. Eventually, she settled down at her version of a “desk job” and went to work for the State of Maryland in Environmental Planning. She specialized in inspecting horse farms—and checking their water and soil quality.

In time, Ciara also began helping people redesign and renovate their farms. And that’s when she decided to add the role of REALTOR® to her already-impressive resume.

By becoming a licensed REALTOR®, Ciara says she felt like she could really help people—right from the start—to find the very best property to suit their long-term needs.

She says, “When you buy any home, it’s a big investment. But when you want to buy a horse farm…the stakes are even higher. And there are just so many factors to consider. So, with my background in equine and environmental sciences, I’m uniquely qualified to support not just the homebuyer, but also provide insight into how to better support the animals on the farm and the local environment.”

Ciara says finding a suitable farm in Maryland tends to take much longer than finding a regular home. “Farms are elusive. So, I always tell my clients to have patience. Finding just the right farm for a buyer is absolutely my specialty!”

Of course, being part of The Bob & Ronna Group helps Ciara devote more of her time to the search. She says, “I love their optimism and their forward thinking. And I view them as mentors. I can literally call Bob or Ronna in the middle of the night to get help with any task that needs to be done. They really empower me to better serve my clients.”

When not exploring and inspecting equine properties around the State, Ciara enjoys spending time on her own small farm with her young son, who also rides. They spend a lot of time in nature, playing with animals, and taking care of their four horses (Poet, Lady, Prince, and Tequila) and their five rescue cats (Tailor, Moon, Mishka, Princess Meeps, and Anakin).