Renovations That Boost The Value Of Your Home

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If you’re putting your house onto the market, you might want to consider doing some renovations first. Not only can home improvements add a significant amount of value, but they can sometimes even mean the difference between your home being ‘FOR SALE’ and being ‘SOLD’.

But before hiring a jackhammer and ripping down walls, it’s important to have a solid understanding of which renovation upgrades typically yield the highest ROI. After all, your home is a pretty big financial investment that will hopefully see top-dollar returns. Simply by following the renovation tips below, you can be confident about increasing the resale value of your home.

Kitchen update

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the most important room in the house when it comes to selling. Most home buyers are looking for a modern kitchen with a functional workspace, quality tapware, and plenty of cupboard space. You should also replace any yellowed or peeling laminate countertops with something stylish and easy to clean like slabs of granite. 

If your cabinetry is in okay condition but has an outdated feel, you can make them new again with a few coats of fresh paint and replacing the hardware. Kitchen renovations are almost always worth it as they are routinely responsible for boosting resale values.

Curb appeal

Improving your curb appeal with an overall landscape upgrade can really go a long way towards boosting the marketability of your home. The best is that it doesn’t have to be expensive for curb appeal to be effective. It might be something as simple as a little maintenance, such as scrubbing your driveway, keeping lawns trimmed, and power washing the exterior walls. Of course, if you’re in a condo, this should be done as part of your HOA fees, which vary from state to state

Installing a brand new front door is an often overlooked yet inexpensive idea which instantly improves the appearance of your home. Or you may decide to paint the walls, fix cement cracks, and plant some flowers in the garden with some fresh mulch for a more finished look.

Second bathroom

Homes with multiple bathrooms are in high demand and are more appealing to most prospective buyers. In fact, even a small second bathroom with just a toilet and sink can greatly improve a home’s resale value. If your home currently only has one bathroom, adding another one can help you recoup a large chunk of the investment. Especially if you can find room for an extra bathroom without majorly altering the layout of your plumbing. 

Check the original plans for any underused spaces like closets or beneath stairs that are located close to existing pipes. But like any renovation project, the costs involved with adding a second bathroom will depend largely on the work involved and the accessories you choose.

Backyard Blitz

For a significant difference in the sale price of your home as well as the overall appearance, look to sprucing up the landscaping in the backyard. The exterior of your home is an important area for first impressions. You can decide to go for landscaping with a few subtle and classy changes or go as big as your money will allow to really make your backyard stand out from the pack. 

Not only will adding a wooden deck, backyard patio, or outdoor kitchen likely increase the value of your home, but it will also add to your comfort and enjoyment until you do decide to sell. And it’s no wonder that many higher-priced homes have backyard swimming pools and are ready-made for entertaining guests. 

Appliance upgrade

Replacing all of the appliances in your home with the latest models is one way to all but guarantee seeing an increased return on your investment. Especially modern stainless steel appliances, as they’re typically viewed as more higher-end products. But if you want the best looking stainless steel appliances at the lowest costs, go for entry-level models or search for floor models at outlet stores. 

Just make sure that you’re upgrading to appliances that are also more energy-efficient, as buyers will be looking at how green your home is.

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